JSPA Annual Convention 2012 (program)

19– 20,May 2012
Keio University Mita Campus
Tokyo, Japan


 May 19th

Session 1The Role of Government in the Great East Japan Earthquake (9:30~12:00)
Chair AKIZUKI,Kengo(Kyoto University)

MORITA,Akira (Gakushuin University; President of the JSPA)
“The Role of Government in the Great East Japan Earthquake – Reflections on the Involvement of the JSPA”

MUROSAKI,Yoshiteru (Kwansei Gakuin University)
“The Topic of ‘Disaster Mitigation Policy’ as Seen from the Perspective of the Great East Japan Earthquake ”

OKAMOTO,Masakatsu (Reconstruction Agency)
“Recovering from the Great East Japan Earthquake: The Role of Government and Organizational Management ”

IIO,Jun(National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies)
“Administrative Arguments at the Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Policy”

Discussant IMAI,Akira (Fukushima University)

 Section A: Research Methods in Public Administration (14:00~17:00)
SAKAMOTO,Haruya(Kansai University)

NAKAMURA,Etsuhiro (Ehime University)
“Measuring Institutionalization of Participation in Local Governments”

KYO,Shunsuke(Chukyo University)
“Game-theory and Case Studies: An Experiment in Analyzing the Politics of Copyright Law Revision”

MAEDA,Kentaro(Tokyo Metropolitan University)
“The Element of Discovery in Case Study Research”

Discussant MATSUDA,Noritada(Aoyama Gakuin University)

Section B: New Trends in the Study of Local Governments (14:00~17:00)
Chair ITO,Shuichiro(Gakushuin University)

NAKATNI,Miho(Meiji Gakuin University)
“Comparison of Role Perceptions regarding Representatives between Local Legislators and the Public”

WADA,Akiko(Tohoku University of Community Service and Science)
“The Impact of Public Sector Reforms on Recovery Policies of Christchurch in New Zealand”

KOBAYASHI,Takashi(Tokai University)
“Basic Study on Smart Self-Governance for a Hyper Aged and Depopulating Society”

Discussant AOKI,Eiichi (Tohoku University)

Japan-South Korea Exchange Section: Comparative Governance in Japan and South Korea  (14:00~17:00)
Chair NAMU,Kiyonte (Kyoto University)

KWON,Young Joo(University of Seoul)
“Why are Decentralization Reforms Delayed? A Comparative Analysis of Japan and South Korea ”

WON,Ho-Chai(Catholic University)
“The Role of Civil Society in the Policy Process: A Case Study of the Citizens’ Coalition for Economic Justice in South Korea ”

SOMAE,Kiyosada(University of Ryukyu)
“Current Trends in Local Governance: The Impact of Administrative Reforms on welfare policy?”

Discussant ICHIKAWA,Yoshitaka(Doshisha University)

Special Section: Accountability and Responsibility in Inter- governmental Cooperation (14:00~17:00)
Chair KANAI,Toshiyuki(Tokyo University)

NOMOTO,Yuji(Tsukuba University)
“The Promise of Partial Mergers and Delegation ”

MIYATA,Shoich(Japan Center for Cities)
“Control and Responsibility of Functional Cooperation Methods for Municipalities Way of Control and Responsibility of Municipalities in Council of Cooperation on Command of Fire-Department”

Discussant KITAMURA,Watasu(Osaka University)

May 20th

Session 2Civil Service Reform(9:30~12:00)
Chair TSUJI,Takuya(Hitotsubashi University)

“The Agenda of Civil Service Reform: Changes and Problems since 2001”

 SASAJIMA ,Takayuki(The Headquarters for Administrative Reform Implementation Secretariat)
“Current Issues in Civil Service Reform: Towards Independent Labor-Management Relations ”

 NISHIMURA,Mika(Seikei University)
“Why are Civil Service Reforms Delayed? ? “

Discussants  MUTO,Hiromi (Hosei University)    INATSUGU,Hiroaki(Waseda University)

Section CProcesses of Public Infrastructure Development Policy  (13:00~16:00)
Chair TOKUHISA,Kyoko(Ritsumeikan University)

MITA,Hiroka(Sugiyama Jogakuen University)
“Comparative Analysis of Policy Change in Public Transportation between the U.S and Japan –A Case Study of Road Projects”

TAKAMATSU,Junya(Meijo University)
“Local Public Transportation Policies after Deregulation”

TSUJI,Akira (Kinki University)
“Multiple Reelection and the Policy Styles of Mayors “

Discussant KITAYAMA,Toshiya(Kwansei Gakuin University)

Section D: Injustice Affairs and Error in Public Administration (13:00~16:00)
Chair  ITO,Masatsugu(Tokyo Metropolitan University)

SUGAWARA,Kazuyuki(Kushiro Public University of Economics)
“Urban Politics and Representative Bureaucracy in the United States: The Latent Functions of Spoils System”

TAGUCHI,Kazuhiro(University of Niigata Prefecture)
“Organizational Arrangement and Institutional Design to Prevent Injustice Affairs in Government”

TEZUKA,Yosuke(Kyoto Women’s University)
“The Dilemma of Error Avoidance in Public Administration”

 Discussant MATSUNAMI,Jun (Kobe University)

Section E:Pluralism and Accountability in Welfare Policy (13:00~16:00)
Chair HARADA,Kohki(Rikkyo University)

MURATA,Fumiyo(Kyushu University of Nursing and Social welfare)
“The Social Accountability of Social Welfare Corporation in Welfare Marketization -From the View Point of Multi-stakeholder theory –“

MASUDA,Naoko(Rikkyo University)
“Institutional Independence in the Age of Collaboration and Governance”

MIZUTANI,Riaki( Shimonoseki City University)
“Regional Development Policy of  Local Government and Accountability”

 Discussant Koichi MAIGUMA(Shimane University)

Section F:Policy evaluation and auditing in local government(13:00~16:00)
Chair HIDAKA,Akio(Yamanashi Gakuin University)

SATO,Toru(Takasaki City University of Economics)
“The Structure and Characteristics of Setting Priorities for Administrative Activities of the Local Government.

OKA,Yuji(Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications)
“The Present Situation and Subject of the Auditing systems in Local Government”

BABA,Shinichi(Fukuoka City)
“Result-Oriented Government and Auditing. What is the Role of Auditing in Japanese Local Government? :A Report from Front Line.”

Discussant IMAGAWA,Akira (Doshisha University)

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